These terms of use (“Terms”) are applying to the access and usage of the Meetlist-App (“App”) or the Meetlist-Websites https://meetlist.de and https://meetlist.app (“Website”, together “Service”) of the Meetlist UG (haftungsbeschränkt), Dorfstraße 31, 32479 Hille, Germany (in the following as “Meetlist” or “we/us”).

Please be sure to read these terms of use carefully. By downloading, accessing or using the App you agree on our terms of use. If you do not agree on these, please do not use our Services.

We can change or accommodate these terms of use at any time and in our own discretion. If this will be the case, we will notify you about such changes before you use our Services, for example by referencing to it in the App Store or in Google Play when releasing a new version of the App.

If you continue to use our Services after the terms of use were changed, you accept these changes. If you don’t agree on these changes, please do not use our Services any further and delete our app.

1. Meetlist-Service

Meetlist provides you a mobile communication-app, which (amongst other things) easily allows you to interact with users around you.

You can create an event (“Meet”) or just take part in some events. Additionally you can explore events of users around you and interact with them as also comment on them. You can also discover profiles of other users. For more information about the services please visit our Website.

2. Costs

a) Private persons

Downloading and using the app isn’t followed by any costs. To finance the app we are authorized to execute in-app-purchases, advertisements, to install other paid services or to transfer so far free services into paid services.

b) Commercial users and companies

While downloading the app is currently free for commercial users, using it is not. Section 2.a) will remain unaffected. An commercial user is a user, who pursues commercial purposes. If this applies to you, please contact us on info@meetlist.app or by use of the contact form on our Website.

3. Create an account

The App can only be used if you create an account in the app and grant us access to your location data. You are responsible for keeping your password complex, secure and secret. If you have forgotten your password or you just want to change it, you can use the link “Forgot your password?” on the login page. By using this link, you will receive an E-mail with which you can reset your password.
If you are under 16 years old, claims to use the app are excluded. As owner of your account, you should be aware of the fact, that you are reliable for every content and activity which was generated by your account.

4. Push-Services and other contact options

After you have downloaded the app and opened it for the first time, we will ask you for permission to communicate via push-services with you, which are provided by your mobile device. If you agree on it you will receive push-notifications. They will be send for multiple reasons, for example in the following cases: If there are any news regarding a Meet of yours or which you have pinned or if a user likes your comment, starts following you or if a new meet has been created in a category you subscribed to. We might also notify you about app-related news in the future.

You can withdraw your consent to receive push-notifications at any time by changing the settings of your device or by change of the settings in our App.

We may send you emails to inform you about new products and further developments of the Service.

5. User content and in-app behaviour

By sharing content, using our app, Meetlist UG (haftungsbeschränkt) receives a worldwide, non-exclusive, feeless, unlimited, non-revocable and sub-licensable right to use, reproduce, modify, adjust, edit, translate, publish and share this content and make it publicly accessible.

Due to the provided interactive functions of our services, the users are able to create and transmit content, including, but not limited on text, pictures and geo-locations. You must also be aware of the fact that every user can see and share your content through the app or on other devices by using our provided function to share a “Meet”.

You give your agreement on the following behaviour policy guidelines, which can be updated at any time. Inter alia, it’s forbidden to share:

  • illegal or unlawful content
  • content aimed at dating or sexual contacts
  • content that contains personal data of third parties
  • content, containing hate-speech, harassment, or discrimination, especially in case of racist, pornographic and violence-promoting statements
  • informations or representations as well as giving access to such information or data that are promoting racial hate, terroristic organisations or other unlawful or unethical content. Even hints to such data or content (hyperlink) are forbidden
  • advertisements, unless you have our permission
  • Creating fake events (meaning: not appearing at the event or with different intentions)
  • Spamming
  • immoderately usage or other methods, which disturb, damage or inhibit the app’s service provision partly or completely
  • content, containing business secrets, violating rights of patent law, trademark law, copyright, the right of privacy and/or other intellectual copyrights or personal rights
  • viruses that contain damaged data or other malware or codes
  • content, containing malware or other damaging or destructive software such as (but not limited to) viruses, worms, trojans
  • Risking the ongoing process as well as the safety of the network
  • Avoidance of security measures such as (but not limited to) hacking and bots.

The user declares by using the services, that:

  • He is 16 years or older
  • He will not use the services in any way
    • Neither to disturb , harm and/ or damage other users, nor to deactivate and overload other devices or hardware;
    • Neither to harass, intimidate and stalk other persons nor to threaten them in any other way;
    • To send unwanted or unauthorized advertising, spam, data streams or advertising material;
    • To access service and/or extract data by using a machine (robot, spider or crawler), technical tools and/ or automated tools;
    • To spy on anyone else or gain access to other computer systems (unauthorized);
    • To access other accounts without the owners permission;
    • To sell or offer in any other way products/ goods and/or services or rather offering the Meetlist-services against payment.

Meetlist only provides a platform for sharing information. The users are solely responsible for the content they post on this platform. Also the users are solely responsible for the content of the events and the execution as well as the through the events caused consequences. Meetlist is not responsible for the accuracy of the content and cannot guarantee the truthfulness of the events (“Meets”).

Additionally you agree on keeping the condition of third-party suppliers such as the terms of use of the App Store and/or Google Play. Furthermore you accept the fact that the availability of Meetlist is depending on their terms of use. Also you agree on further limitations in our terms of use that can rely on restrictions. The terms of third-party suppliers are superior, this means, that in the case of a conflict between our terms of use and the terms of use of third-party suppliers, their (third-party suppliers) terms are superior.

Meetlist is entitled to revoke the permission to access our services at any time, even without any prior announcement. Also Meetlist reserves the right to change or delete content posted by users, especially if it violates statutory provisions or these Terms of Use or lead to damage for Meetlist and / or a third party.

6. Meetlist-license

These terms of use regulate the usage of the Meetlist-App on Smartphones and other mobile or electronic devices of any kind.

Meetlist grants you a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable and revocable right to use the app and it’s services for personal and noncommercial purposes. This also applies to all updates of Meetlist or other replacing and extending services. This is not the case if those updates and new provided services come with a separate, subsequent applicable easement.

Your right of using the app doesn’t cover the following services, unless we give you the permission:

  • Usage of the App on a device which owned by someone else;
  • Besides site-caching, you are not allowed to download any part of the services or containing informations;
  • You are not allowed to edit or create any works related to the services or even parts of them;
  • Reverse-engineering, decompiling or any other way of accessing the services;
  • Imitate the services or creating a comparable product or service;
  • You are only allowed to use the Services the designated purposes.

In case you are violating any of the conditions described above, we might revoke your access to our service. This also includes blocking your device. The enforcement of other rights, in particular damages, remains in existence.

7. Responsibility for content, data and/or information generated by users

You take full responsibility for every content and post that are created by you or your device.

We have to point out, that Meetlist cannot and will not accept the withdrawing of responsibility for the content, information and data which was shared by your device. Furthermore we cannot guarantee that the content which was shared and created in our App is true, accomplish or deal a purpose.

8. Intellectual Property Rights

Governed by the copyright and other ownerships within the german or foreign laws and international conventions are:

  • The design
  • Interactive functions
  • Texts, scripts, graphics
  • Brands, marks and logos and the concomitant rights of Meetlist

Meetlist reserves all rights that aren’t provided to you. Without our permission you are not allowed to use, reproduce or distribute content of Meetlist in a commercial way or promote such behaviour in any way.

9. Warranty

The services are provided as an available basis without any guarantees or warranty in any way.

Meetlist can’t guarantee that the services will always work secure, without any errors or delay, interruptions or are free of viruses.

To prevent viruses or malware the user is responsible to take all safety measures and to install the most recent updates with regard to the safety of his device.

You are responsible for all other warranty claims regarding loss, damage, obligations, costs or expenditures.

10. Limitation of Liability

In accordance with the provisions of the applicable product liability laws, Meetlist shall be liable to the User in the case of intent or gross negligence for injury to life, limb or health, if Meetlist assumes a guarantee, if any, and in other cases of mandatory statutory liability, in each case in accordance with applicable statutory provisions.

In case of violation of essential contractual obligations (cardinal obligations), Meetlist is (independent of the previous paragraph) liable for damage, limited on the contractually typical obligations, reasonable foreseeable when concluding the contract. Cardinal obligations are contractual duties which performance and proper implementation in the contract allow it to it to be valid, and on which compliance the contractual partner may rely on.

In all other cases, damage claims against Meetlist, regardless of their legal basis, are excluded. In particular, in the case of tort or breach of any pre-contractual duty or obligations arising out of the contractual relationship between Meetlist and the User, by Meetlist, its legal representatives, employees or assistants.

These limitations, in the case that the liability of Meetlist is ruled out or limited, also apply to the personal liability of Meetlist-employees, assistants or legal representatives.

This does not affect any statutory liability privileges, such as § 8-11 TMG (German Telemedia Act) or § 598 BGB (German Civil Code).

User’s claims for damages shall become statute barred upon expiry of the statutory limitation periods, as of the statutory onset of these periods.

11. Release from Liability

You agree upon compensate, defending, and holding Meetlist harmless from all liabilities, losses, damages, costs and expenses – which includes but is not limited on attorney’s fees – resulting in the liable:

  • Usage and access to Meetlist’s services;
  • Interaction with other users and / or a third party;
  • Participation in a Meet (activity);
  • Violation of the previous terms;
  • Violation of the rights of third parties, including but not limited to the copyright, property right and data protections law;
  • Any statements, based on which informations third parties got harmed.

Also Meetlist assumes no liability for advance payments that the user makes in the run-up to a “Meet” (activity). Meetlist assumes no default risk for activities that have been posted by users.

This defence and indemnity obligation remains intact even after you stop using our services.

12. Changes of the handling and features

Meetlist is allowed to improve, change, or discontinue temporarily or permanently features or the app’s operations, at our discretion.

You give your agreement on the fact that Meetlist is not liable upon changes or settings of features or the app’s operations.

13. Assignment

We are allowed to transfer, subcontract or deal in any other ways with our rights and services (or parts of them), without your consent or prior notice.

14. Privacy

If you are interested in how personal data is collected or processed, you can find every information you need in our privacy policy.

15. Applicable Law, Collateral Agreements

Our terms of use subject to german law.

Any disputes between you and Meetlist UG (haftungsbeschränkt) about the terms of use exclusively obligate the jurisdiction of german courts.

In the event of individual provisions of this contract being or becoming ineffective, this shall not affect the validity of the contract as a whole. Instead of the invalid provision the corresponding german laws takes place.

Collateral Agreements require the written form, as well as the abstain from the written form.

16. Contact

You may contact us on Instagram (@meetlist.app) about questions and/or feedback. For complaints or claims referring to our services, please contact our Support (reachable through our website, app or info@meetlist.app).

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